Hip Problems

Most cases of hip pain in adults are caused by osteoarthritis.

This is the most common type of arthritis in the UK.

When arthritis affects the hip joint it causes pain and stiffness. The pain of hip arthritis is usually felt in the groin, the front of the thigh spreading down to the knee and also over the after side of the top of the thigh.

Hip stiffness makes it increasingly difficult to reach the foot to cut toenails and to put socks and shoes on.

Symptoms from early hip arthritis tend to come and go and can usually be managed by rest and painkillers.

As the pain becomes more persistent and severe it may get to a point where hip replacement surgery is the only way to relieve the symptoms and a discussion with a hip surgeon is needed.


What our Patients say

My initial consultation with Mr Alun John was in February. He heard me out as to how my deteriorating hip was causing increasing pain and affecting my mobility and well-being. The hip, according to him was severely arthritic and we agreed upon a date for a hip replacement in April. He fully explained what the operation entailed. The original date had to be cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. Mr John took the trouble to get in touch with me personally and relay the bad news, promising he would get in touch as soon as the situation improved. True to his word, he contacted me mid July and offered a new date. The operation was successfully performed in early August. I am now pain free and increasingly mobile. During my stay in hospital and the subsequent follow-up appointment I was impressed by his calm and professional approach. Under his initial gruff exterior there is a kindness and a genuine care for the patient.

— Alina Trigger

Mr John was recommended to me by another consultant due to his expertise in complex hip replacement operations. I have found Mr John to be both knowledgeable and professional throughout both my complicated total hip replacement procedures. He has put myself and my family at ease throughout and has been extremely helpful and efficient in dealing with any enquiry or problem. I would highly recommend him to others and have already done so.

— Eleri Rosier